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Prefabricated homes

The Dream House is a modular-­‐highly customizable-­‐modern and easy to build housing  system.  Using cutting edge techniques, materials and prefabricated components, they are designed and manufactured in a factory setting meeting the most stringent engineering requirements also tailored to our customers’ specific sites and lifestyles.

The firm has a professional staff of architects, interior designers, planners, urban designers, construction specification writers and environmental analysts. It has successfully completed projects that range from small buildings and interiors to a large variety of houses and residences. Prominently focused on pre engineered, modern and affordable residences and buildings to enhance today’s lifestyle… 

Our commitment to sustainable design is in every step of the process. For us it means SMART DESIGN. For our customers… their DREAM HOUSE.


  • Our built system can be applied to every type of construction, ranging from affordable housing to the high end – luxury
  • Fabulous interiors are tailored to meet our customers’ lifestyles.
  • Highly versatile Steel framing construction system applies to every type of building.
  • Remodeling or Adding to Existing constructions performed in just 20 to 30 days.
  • Real “turnkey process”.
  • Affordable + Sustainable + Quality + Smart Design


  • It is typically 20 – 30% less expensive than conventional construction. Factory built, shipped worldwide.
  • Our “dream team” of architects, engineers and designers participate all along the process
  • Consistent and perfect construction in an environment that minimizes time, waste, labor, material damage, providing the word “sustainable” a true meaning.
  • Local professional and fully insured contractor to comply with local regulations.
  • Superior houses delivered in an expedited time frame. Mission accomplished.

Technical specifications:

Iron Structure

Our materials are in accordance with the regular standard specifica/ons for steel and composite structures.

Factors that influence mechanical properties

  • STEEL, derives its mechanical properties from a combination of chemical composition, heat treatment and manufacturing
  • STRENGHT can be increased by the addition of alloys such as manganese, niobium and vanadium
  • PROPERTIES composition for each steel specification is therefore carefully balanced and tested during its production to ensure that the appropriate properties are achieved.
  • MANUFACTURING process involve combinations of heat treatment and mechanical working that are of critical importance to the performance of the steel.


Our prefabricated houses

CAM17003 Opportunity pod in the garden or your own land extras studio or office

MANUFACTURING PRECIOUS Manufacture of the building valued onboard specifications Transport … Read more


CA17000 Opportunity Prefabricated house for your guests in your garden or extra spare land

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CA2101 Removable tiny house tiny suites- perfect guesthouse ready to visit !!

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CA17001 Prefabricated houses for an economically living lifestyle or extra guest house

These industrial model homes start with prices from 35000 euros … Read more


CAM1900 Opportunity prefabricated houses on plots to build

MANUFACTURING PRECIOUS Manufacture of the building valued in Table Transport … Read more


CA2001 Sustainable remote home – extendable

Would you like to live a sustainable, healthy, and free … Read more


CA2201 Spacious remote home – sustainably built

The EcoCasitas TH60 A full-fledged house with a choice of … Read more


CM19001 Opportunity Prefabricated houses in L shape any shape to your wishes

Manufacture Price: (VAT 10% not included) Model 120.3L Pack CONFORT … Read more


IC1014 New Prefab Models Eco Friendly Self Sufficient

INCLUDES Manufacture of the 90.3D model according to standard specificationsOriginal … Read more


IC1009 New Prefab Models Eco Friendly Self Suffici

These industrial model homes start with prices from € 35000 … Read more


27.400,00€ / 30m2
25.500,00€ / 30m2
39.800,00€ / 18m2 + 18m2