Prefab home in Spain: your affordable dream house

Prefabricated home in Spain: your affordable dream house

In our newest blog you will meet the prefab home in Spain. Are you also dreaming of a new home on a beautiful location in sunny Spain? But maybe you think this is not for you? Buying of building a new house in Spain is indeed a large investment. Not only financially but also in terms of time and energy. However, your own dream house in Spain can be affordable and soon accessible. With an eco-friendly prefab home. In other words, a prefabricated home or modular home, a home which is already constructed before their final location. A prefab home is offering you many more benefits. This way, building a house in Spain will also be in reach for you. We will tell you more about affordable prefab homes in this blog.

prefab home

Is a prefab home suitable for everybody?

A prefab home will give you the soonest opportunity to enjoy an affordable and completely new home in Spain. But would a prefab home be suitable for everybody? We are convinced that everybody would enjoy a prefab home, regardless a person’s lifestyle. You can choose your own prefab villa provided with all luxury facilities. Or a prefab home as a perfect and stylish guesthouse in your own garden. Besides, more and more younger people prefer a second home in Spain. With a prefab home this could also be in reach for them. But after all, for many people, living close to nature is the main reason for choosing a prefab home. This way, health and sustainability are leading for people who choose to have a simplistic and minimalistic lifestyle. Living in a prefab home means living healthy and sustainably in Spain.

More and more people are choosing Spain as their new homeland. Due to its mild climate, clean air, and beautiful nature. A prefab home is not yet well-known in Spain, but it is getting more popular each day, which we understand. Because of the current worldwide situation, we realize more and more that healthy living means happy living. Did you know that nature makes us release stress and makes us feel calmer? Besides, we come to realize that a lot of living space is not always necessary. Less living space often means less stress and more enjoyment. Because of its small and compact construction, a prefab home often gives you the opportunity to live on a unique and beautiful location. But without losing any comfort.

Eco-friendly, sustainable and energy sufficient

In contrary to regular houses which are constructed on site, a prefab home is already built before chosen its final location. This often gives the opportunity to construct a home conform the preferences of the customer (tailormade). Besides, this way it will be possible to use all constructing materials in a sustainable way. And material waste can be avoided as much as possible. However, living in a prefab home means sustainable living. A prefab home is very energy sufficient and environmentally friendly. In addition, you can save significantly regarding monthly energy costs. More and more people value sustainability which is a good thing. Did you already know that contributing to a healthy environment will give you more satisfaction in life?

High quality homes without construction delay

It is possible to design a prefab home almost completely in your own style. Our prefab homes or steel frame houses are being designed and constructed by different national and international specialists. But they are also constructed conform local regulations. Only high-quality constructing materials are being used for our prefab homes. Like steel and manganese. Another benefit of a prefab home is the absence of construction delay. Quite often, building a house in Spain comes along with construction delay which takes you longer to start living in your dream home. A prefab home is already built and ‘ordered’ which can make the delivery term truly short. For you to enjoy your own sustainable and affordable dream home in Spain very soon!

Healthy New Year, Healthy New Home

Healthy New Year, Healthy New Home

We, the Real Estate Javea team, would like to wish you a healthy and happy 2021! Leaving the year 2020 behind, we are positive and grateful to enter the New Year. Last year made us learn again that good health is above all the most important in life. We noticed that more and more people become aware of the environment they live in and their willingness to change for the better. Already for years, a healthy and sustainable lifestyle is a passion of the team of Real Estate Javea. Therefore we would like to integrate more and more new healthy living opportunities. We all know that the sun contributes to good health, but did you know that the overall Mediterranean lifestyle is extremely healthy?

More than ever, Real Estate Javea is very motivated to help you find your dream home to enjoy a healthy lifestyle at the fullest! Read more about the healthy Mediterranean lifestyle in this blog!



healthy new year

A healthy living environment is essential

Did you know? A healthy lifestyle cannot be seen separately from a healthy living environment. A healthy living environment will contribute significantly to an overall good health. It has studied that people who live closer to nature, are healthier and happier. Nature let our stress fade away and it gives us positive energy. Maybe the Mediterranean could be interesting to you. Besides it is said that the Mediterranean climate is one of the healthiest in the world. In addition, the Mediterranean diet is a healthy diet, including good quality olive oil, fresh fish and locally grown fruits and vegetables.

If you still think that living in a natural and peaceful environment is not accessible for you, you are wrong. Meet our inventive and very affordable prefab houses in Spain. Prefabricated houses (or modular homes) are newly built and still extremely comfortable. Prefab houses are perfect as a second (holiday) home, as a guest house in your garden or to live by yourself whole year round. Besides, our eco-friendly prefab houses are very energy efficient and built with sustainable materials.

Mediterranean houses that suit your way of living

The Mediterranean is especially known for its excellent beaches and blue Mediterranean Sea. But its nature has a lot more to offer you. Incredible mountains, beautiful forestation and green vegetation makes it a truly diverse living environment. In addition, the overall Spanish lifestyle is very beloved by many people from around the world.

We, at Real Estate Javea, think that a Mediterranean lifestyle should be accessible for everyone. Therefore, we are offering a broad range of Mediterranean houses. Whether you prefer a luxury lifestyle in a spacious villa with amazing sea views or rather enjoy the authentic Spanish city centre in a comfortable apartment. Or maybe 2021 will be the year you decide to live in nature in your own affordable and eco-friendly modular home. Whatever your choice may be, our main goal for 2021 remains to help you find your ideal dream house in the beautiful and healthy environment of the Mediterranean.

Are you ready to breathe some healthy fresh air from the Mediterranean?


We keep our personal service to assist our clients

During last year, more and more business has been done on the digital way. Although this may continue to be the case for the new year, we have noticed that personal service will still be appreciated by many of our clients. After all, we understand that buying a property is a big and exciting adventure and we will continue to assist you during the whole process. Therefore, the team of Real Estate Javea will be happy to welcome you on appointment at our office in the historical centre of Javea.

Will you also start the new year in your own dream house in Spain? We are looking forward meeting you in 2021!

Prefab woning Spanje: betaalbaar en uniek wonen

Prefab woning Spanje

In ons nieuwste blogartikel maak je kennis met de prefab woning Spanje. Droom jij ook van een nieuwe woning op een mooie plek in het zonnige Spanje? Maar denk je misschien dat dit niet voor jou weggelegd is? Een nieuw huis kopen of laten bouwen in Spanje is inderdaad een behoorlijke investering. Zowel financieel als in tijd en energie. Toch kan jouw eigen droomhuis in Spanje wel betaalbaar en snel bereikbaar zijn. Namelijk met een eco-friendly prefab woning. Oftewel een prefabricated home of modular home, een vooraf gebouwd huis. Bovendien biedt een prefab woning nog veel meer voordelen. Zo is een goedkoop huis bouwen in Spanje ook voor jou mogelijk. Lees snel verder. 

prefab woning Spanje

Prefab woning Spanje: voor wie?

Met een prefab woning kun je snel over een betaalbare en nieuwe woning in Spanje beschikken. Maar is een prefab woning wel voor mij geschikt vraag je je misschien af? Een prefab woning in Spanje is eigenlijk geschikt voor iedereen. Kies jouw eigen, betaalbare prefab villa voorzien van alle luxe voorzieningen. Of als prefab gastenverblijf in jouw eigen tuin. Daarnaast zien we steeds meer jonge mensen die kiezen voor een tweede woning in Spanje. Met een prefab woning wordt dit nu eerder haalbaar. Maar vooral zien we steeds meer mensen die graag dichtbij de natuur willen wonen en leven. Hierbij staan gezondheid en duurzaamheid voorop. Tenslotte kiezen zij het liefst voor een bewuste en gezonde levensstijl door eenvoudig te leven. Bijvoorbeeld met minder spullen. Zo wordt gezond en duurzaam wonen bereikbaar met een eigen prefab woning in Spanje.

Wonen op een unieke locatie in de natuur

Steeds meer mensen kiezen voor Spanje als hun nieuwe thuisland. Vanwege het zachte klimaat, de schone lucht en de mooie natuur. Hoewel een prefab woning in Spanje nog niet zo bekend is, wordt deze wel steeds populairder. En dat is niet zo gek. Want door de huidige situatie beseffen we steeds meer dat wonen op een fijne en natuurrijke plek ons gelukkiger maakt. Maar ook gezonder. Tenslotte zorgt de natuur ervoor dat ons stressniveau afneemt en dat wij ons rustiger voelen. Daarnaast beseffen we ons dat veel woonruimte vaak overbodig is. Bovendien kan kleiner wonen ons juist meer woongenot brengen. Door de slimme en compacte bouw, is het met een prefab woning vaak mogelijk om op bijzonder mooie plekken te kunnen wonen. En soms zelfs op onbereikbare plekken. En dat zonder enig comfort te moeten inleveren. Hoe mooi is dat?

Eco-friendly, duurzaam en energiezuinig wonen

In tegenstelling tot reguliere woningen die ter plekke worden gebouwd, wordt de prefab woning vooraf geconstrueerd in de fabriek. Vaak zelfs volgens de wensen van de klant (tailormade). Zo kan er duurzaam gebruik worden gemaakt van materialen. Daarnaast wordt verspilling zoveel mogelijk voorkomen. Maar ook is het duurzaam wonen in een prefab woning. Want een prefab woning is zeer energiezuinig en dus milieuvriendelijk. Bovendien kun je maandelijks behoorlijk besparen op de energierekening. We hechten steeds meer waarde aan duurzaamheid. En wist je dat bijdragen aan een beter milieu voor meer voldoening zorgt?

Hoogwaardige woningen zonder bouwvertraging

Een prefab woning kun je vaak bijna geheel in eigen stijl laten ontwerpen. Onze prefab woningen, ook wel steel frame houses worden ontworpen en gebouwd door verschillende specialisten. Zowel nationaal als internationaal. Maar ook volgens lokale voorschriften. Daarbij wordt er enkel gebruik gemaakt van hoogwaardige bouwmaterialen. Zoals staal en mangaan. Een ander voordeel van een prefab woning is dat er geen sprake is van bouwvertraging. Dit is vaak wel het geval bij het bouwen van een nieuw huis in Spanje. Een prefab woning wordt immers al vooraf ‘besteld’ waardoor de levertijd zeer kort kan zijn. Zo zul je nog eerder kunnen genieten van jouw eigen duurzame droomhuis in Spanje! 

Nieuwsgierig geworden naar een prefab woning in Spanje? Ontdek hier onze verschillende prefab woningen in Spanje, oftewel ‘Affordable Dream Houses’.

Buy Your Dream House At The Costa Blanca


Where the deep blue of the beautiful Mediterranean meets the pale light blue of the skies above is exactly where your dream house awaits for you. This is not an epiphany; it is a real place on Earth called Jávea and is the perfect canvas to paint the life you always dreamt of.

Jávea is in the famous and highly touristic Costa Blanca, a 200km-long coastline in the Alicante province. This ancient, yet modern location is the perfect mix of ancient rock houses and all the modern amenities you would expect from the 21stcentury.

First, the amazing beaches a stone-throw away from your front door; just imagine getting a small backpack, jumping on your bike and let the sun follow you to dream places like El Arenal o La Granadella. In the evening you can just go back and enjoy some shopping at Avenida de la Libertad, go for a stroll through the picturesque little streets of Jávea Old Town, visit the San Bartolomé church and just head home after an amazing Sunday.

Feeling like an adventure? Well this pushing modern, yet classic town also offers Montgó Natural Park. Get on your trekking shoes and enjoy a little exercise surrounded by nature. Once you get to the summit, you´ll be rewarded with some of the best views around the blue ocean, the stone cliffs and the green vegetation complete a dreamy view.

If you can close your eyes and see this perfect picture, Real Estate Javea can make it happen for you. Available properties can satisfy every need; no matter what you need, Real Estate Javea has a plethora of options for you to choose from. If you want an apartment with a nice view close to everything in downtown Javea or a semi-detached townhouse to experience the quiet life of the little town or maybe a luxurious Vila to enjoy the high-end lifestyle of a big house with a big pool, there are hundreds of options waiting for you to fill them with life and love. For those who want to build their future designing the house from scratch, there are also plots available in the most exclusive spots of this paradise place.

The most beautiful properties are waiting for you to make a decision and start living the life you always dreamt of in one of Spain´s most beautiful seaside towns. Buy your dream house at Javea and enjoy the best of Costa Blanca like a local: everyday!